Support GOE by getting a Sponsorship!

Girls of Excellence, Inc. (GOE) humbly appeal to your generosity and asks that you consider our organization worthy of your presence and sponsorship for our Girls of Excellence Diamond Recognition Gala Saturday, May 6, 2023. Join us as we engage the girls, we serve in metro Atlanta in a formal debutante-style event that encourages them to strive for their excellence. This magical event is an exciting opportunity for our girls to shine bright like a diamond! Every aspect of the event will highlight GOE Girls, their accomplishments, talents, skills, and abilities. You will see them in action throughout the evening. Your support of this event will provide GOE Girls with college scholarships, leadership camp, academic recognition, job, career and entrepreneurship training, financial literacy, exposure to culture, the arts, and adventures they dare to dream of.

The Girls of Excellence, Inc. Diamond Recognition Gala was created to highlight our girls’ accomplishments and award our graduating high school seniors with a Token of Excellence to support them on their journey. At this fundraising event, we also honor exceptional Women of Excellence serving in the community.
Every girl or woman involved in this event displayed true characteristics of a GOE Girl. They are all amazing, powerful, strong, and kind. We are so honored to recognize them for all their hard work and being leaders in their community!